the ‘Reveal’

‘the reveal’ ~ series #3  11.2.14

‘Bench & Table’… metal art out in front of ‘The Lightcatcher Building’…two poses.. Thanks for stoppin’ in! bb >*<

Downtown Details- b 10.19.14Downtown Details-c 10.19.14


 ‘the reveal’ ~ series # 210.21.14

The metal sun resides on the building where the ‘UP & Up’ and ‘Rudy’s Pizza’ are..both owned by the same folks & located on State Street in Bellingham. Currently waiting for name of the artist to credit. Will do soon as get the info. bb >*<

'the reveal'~metal sun

Up & UP


‘the reveal’ ~ 10.2.14

‘Downtown Details’ Series ~1.. several of these wonderful vintage lights live on the ‘Community Food Co-op’ building. Thanks for checkin’ it out. bb >*<  

co-op light-7co-op light-4

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