North Shore Trail

North Shore Trail-Lake Whatcom  2.28.15North Shore Trail-waterfallThis last Saturday was my first time walking the North Shore Trail along the shore of Lake Whatcom, (known by multiple names).  It was a gorgeous sunny day and a super great trail to walk with two beautiful new foot bridges. Here’s a little info I found on

“The Hertz Trail, and also known as the North Lake Whatcom Trail, follows the eastern shoreline of Washington’s fourth largest freshwater lake. The relatively flat, fine-gravel pathway traces the former Bellingham Bay and Eastern Railroad (BB&E, built in 1891), which was used to transport coal from the Blue Canyon Mine at the south end of the lake.”  Have a great week! bb>*<

a falls view…

A week ago at Whatcom Falls Park I shot this perspective plus a few more of the falls. It was just before sunset, cool &’s a beautiful fall this year!! Have a good week and thanks for stoppin’ in! bb >*< pdf Whatcom Creek Trail Mapwhatcom falls 11.10.14 058

whatcom falls 11.10.14 047whatcom falls 11.10.14 57