Stunning Sunset

September 12th produced a most beautifully colored sunset. Hope you got to enjoy it in person..if not, here’s what I was lucky enough to capture..& there’s no editing! Thanks for cruisin’ by today and have a most wonderful week! bb >*<

sunset 9.12.14 067

 (click on pics for larger view)

sunset 9.12.14 051





sunset 9.12.14 135

sunset 9.12.14 082

sunset 9.12.14 136





‘Fire in the Sky’ Sunset

This July 12th sunset definitely looked like orange and pink fire in the sky!! Thanks for droppin’ in today…it’s a great summer so far!! bb >*<

‘Fire in the Sky’  ~ downtown Bellingham

'fire in the sky' sunset'fire in the sky' sunset 2'fire in the sky' sunset 3'fire in the sky' sunset 4

'fire in the sky' sunset 5

'fire in the sky' sunset 6