6 am m00n

‘m00n & birdie’

The moon was close to passing our local meridian when I took this phone pic..and set at 10:42 am today. I was only half awake then.. haha. Thanks for flyin’ by! bb >*<

Moon &amp; birdie

fu|| mo0n fly-by

fu|| mo0n fly-by

so this little surprise happened at the July full moon, but I just discovered it today. No tri-pod for this shot, but pretty cool! Thanks for slidin’ by today! bb >*<

Celebrating 100!!

Crow & Seagull announcing…

 Bellingham Blog just reached 100 followers today!!! Thank you to all of you!

Crow & Seagull

…and here’s my excited crew!.. they thank you too..and..say thanks for stoppin’ in to share with us!!  bb <*> :)

"We're so excited!!!"

“We’re so excited!!!”