‘Sentinel’ @ night

The 22′ high iconic sculpture, ‘Sentinel’, marks the entrance to Bellingham’s ‘Arts District’ in the plaza. I took these close-up pics about 3 am this weekend in 19 degree weather..cold and crispy out there for sure! Check out reflections of some neon signs across the street in the 2nd pic..cool! Thanks for stoppin’ by. bb >*<
'Sentinel' artist: T. Ellen Sollod

Happy April 2013!

A very nice day and a Photo Day for you!… a<|>w*

Axiom Dyno Trilobyte Sculpture

sculpture by Anthony Howe 2009

Axiom Dyno Trilobyte… some different views…

Axiom Dyno Trilobyte Sculpture 2

Shadow Tree




Shadow Tree







and Sunsets too!

 Bellingham Sunset 3

Bellingham Sunset

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