random bikepics~31

‘spring bike shadows’…parked along Holly Street in the hub of downtown a few days ago. Thanks for ridin’ by. Happy biking!! bb >*<random bikepic~31

random bikepic~31a

random bikepic~17

random bikepic~17

‘black & gray’…parked on corner of ‘Holly & Bay’ as the sun goes down. Appreciate ya’ riding by today & happy biking as always! bb >*<

random bikepic~ 17

Bike pic~6

random bikepic~6

‘Bike Shadows’..parked at ‘Bayou on the Bay’ restaurant towards sunset…thanks for stoppin’ in & happy riding! bb >*< :)

random bikepic~6

bonus – random bikepic~6a

random bikepic~6a

Bike~4 & Sun Peek

Random Bike Pic~4

‘The Line-up’ …at the parking garage. Happy Biking everyone! Thanks for ridin’ in… bb >*< :)

random bike pic~4

‘Through the Blossoms’

Through the Blossoms 2014

Random Bike Pic~3

Random Bike Pic~3… doubling up with this one..happy biking & thanks for stoppin’ in! bb >*< :)

Random Bike Pic 3 bellingham

Random Bike Pic~2

Random Bike Pic~2… nice color! …the ‘Red Fixie’

Happy biking & thanks for stoppin’ in… bb >*<

Random Bike Pic 2 bellingham

~Random Bike Pics 1~

I always enjoy the bikes around town that I see while walking out and about and have beeen taking pictures of them for about two years..so..decided to do a new little feature called...‘Random Bike Pics’. With spring coming, I will be able to capture lots of new shots. This bike was not my first to photograph, but chose it to be my first to feature…

…Happy Biking everyone & thanks for stoppin’ by! bb >*<

Random Bike-1 bellingham