Pigeon Post

‘Pigeon Post’ A few cold days ago I spied two groups of pigeons all neatly lined up on the traffic light post at Chestnut Street. When I zoomed in on the top group there was this one pigeon all huddled up with his beak neatly tucked in his feathers to keep warm…he cracked me up and I imagined him as the group leader. Here’s a few pigeon facts: They mate for life; can fly at speeds of 77.6 mph but have been recorded at 92.5 mph; can fly 600-700 miles in a day; they are intelligent; are able to recognize all 26 letters of the alphabet; are the only non-mammal to recognize themselves in a mirror; can see in color as well as ultra-violet light; are messengers of peace. Wow to all of that and hail to the pigeons worldwide! Thanks for stoppin’ by today & have fun feeding the pigeons wherever you are! bb >*<Pigeon Post-aPigeon Post

Pigeon Post-b