‘Downtown Details’ ~2

‘Downtown Details~2’

Second in the series of a subject detail in downtown Bellingham with ‘the reveal’ on it’s separate page (link below).Thanks for checkin’ in today at bb >*< !me, bikes 10.5.14 016

me, bikes 10.5.14 021

the reveal’ link

August 5th Sunset

This was a super nice summer sunset…thanks for stoppin’ in today! bb >*<

aug 5th.14 sunset 068


aug 5th.14 sunset 046


aug 5th.14 sunset-3


aug 5th.14 sunset 083


aug 5th.14 sunset 079




Bike Pic~7

random bikepic~7

‘BMX’r in neon nite-glo’..parked outside our co-op..thanks for ridin’ by today!  bb >*< :)

bmx'r-neon glo

Random bikepic~5

random bikepic~5

‘Bike at the Sparks’ …thanks for stoppin’ in today & happy riding!     bb >*< :)

random bikepic~5


Random Bike Pic~3

Random Bike Pic~3… doubling up with this one..happy biking & thanks for stoppin’ in! bb >*< :)

Random Bike Pic 3 bellingham

Happy May Day & a Sunset!

May is one of my favorite months…and…for May Day…here’s a progression of the last sunset of April 2013, w/ a surprise in the last photo just right under the cloud. :)  a<|>w* …thanks for stoppin’ in to ‘Bellingham Blog’


April-last sunset


April-last sunset 2







April-last Sunset 3







April-last Sunset 4







April-last Sunset 5







April-last Sunset 6







April-last Sunset 7







April-last Sunset 8


April-last Sunset 9