The Landing

‘the landing of mama’she arrived to our covered front porch, landed on the bench & stayed in this position for over 24 hrs. We thought she was dying.. then she flew up and stayed on the window screen for a day. To our surprise she laid her eggs there. The next night she flew in circles under the porch light in glee. She flew off before morning. We’re now waiting to see if little ‘mothies’ appear one day. Thanks for flyin’ by today bb >*<


North Shore Trail

North Shore Trail-Lake Whatcom  2.28.15North Shore Trail-waterfallThis last Saturday was my first time walking the North Shore Trail along the shore of Lake Whatcom, (known by multiple names).  It was a gorgeous sunny day and a super great trail to walk with two beautiful new foot bridges. Here’s a little info I found on

“The Hertz Trail, and also known as the North Lake Whatcom Trail, follows the eastern shoreline of Washington’s fourth largest freshwater lake. The relatively flat, fine-gravel pathway traces the former Bellingham Bay and Eastern Railroad (BB&E, built in 1891), which was used to transport coal from the Blue Canyon Mine at the south end of the lake.”  Have a great week! bb>*<