Brews ‘Festworks’

‘brews festworks’worked another successful ‘April Brews Day’ the end of April. Everyone was treated to surprise fireworks off the Herald Building. Here’s a few cell shots. Thanks for droppin’ in today! bb >*<


Fairhaven Tree

‘alpine blue spruce’…a beautiful & perfect late spring Saturday in Fairhaven on the grounds of Lairmont Manor. This tree was so awesome & huge, so I shot it looking up. It’s close to 120 years old. Thanks for drivin’ by today! bb >*<Alpine Blue Spruce~Fairhaven 6.13.15


Mya’s MOJO

‘Mya got her MOJO’….My kitty friend, Mya, who I am currently taking care of while her people are on vacation. She’s quite a girl! Thanks for stoppin’ in today! bb >*<

Mya got her MOJO

Seattle Cannabis Cup

The High Times ‘Seattle Cannabis Cup’ is in Everett this year, so a bit closer for us in Bellingham. Here’s the link to all the info and ticket information for ya! Thanks for stoppin’ in today & have a fun time if you get to go! bb >*<

cannabis cup seattle poster 2014

Drinking for Dogs! 8.23.14

Join the fun at the Green Frog Tavern and help the Doggies!

Fundraiser for ‘Happy Tails Happy Homes’, a 501 c3 nonprofit.  August 23rd  4-8 @ The Green Frog Tavern – 1015 N State St. Bellingham   This is an ALL AGES event so bring the whole family! Suggested Donation: $5.00.. thank you.

Drinking for Dogs poster

Can I bring my dog? Sadly no.

Will there be an auction Yes!  Auctions will close at 6 & 7 pm

What types of items will be auctioned?  We have a variety of animal and non-animal related items at a very wide variety of price points.  There’s sure to be something for everyone.

Will there be live music Yes!  A wonderful musician, Original Jim, will be performing with special guests during the event.

Need More Information?  Please contact us at





‘Downtown Sounds’- last one

hey!… this coming Wednesday, the 6th, is the last ‘Downtown Sounds’ for this year. downtownsoundslogoCome on down, join the crowd and catch Voyager and The Trees: a Rush tribute band. Should be a good rockin’ time for sure!

Thanks ‘Downtown Bellingham Partnership’! bb>*<

Welcome to the ‘Bellingham Blog’!

Hi All…

This blog has been a thought in my mind for some time and I finally just launched it lovingly out into the ethernet today to share with all who stop by and/or discover my little corner. It is exciting to have created this blog and now I can watch it grow and become a dynamic and virtual living entity.                                                                        

Today is also special in that it is Chinese New Year moving into the sign of the Fire Snake and leaving the Dragon behind.  It is also the new moon and a great time to start new things. So…think RED for good luck today and for 2013!

I love sunsets…so you will see many in the days and years to come. It is a pleasure to live here and I love and embrace all of Bellingham, it’s people and all that is yet to come. Join me here anytime you get the chance and we will celebrate life in Bellingham together!  a<|>w*