Fairhaven Tree

‘alpine blue spruce’…a beautiful & perfect late spring Saturday in Fairhaven on the grounds of Lairmont Manor. This tree was so awesome & huge, so I shot it looking up. It’s close to 120 years old. Thanks for drivin’ by today! bb >*<Alpine Blue Spruce~Fairhaven 6.13.15


random bikepic~29

random bikepic~29

‘NUKEPROOF workin..up Galbraith Mt. today skimmin’ & throwin’ dirt on ‘Evolution Trail’ making it better for all mtb riders. A great work crew & lots of fun! Then some riding to test the trail. Happy biking! bb >*<

random bikepic~29

random bikepics~25

random bikepics~25

‘trekin’.. yeah.. on a fall day down on Bay Street…the ‘hub’ area of downtown Bellingham. Have a great weekend, thanks for ridin’ in & happy biking !! bb >*<random bikepic~25

‘the opposite side view’

‘the spoke view’


random bikepics~25

random bikepics~25

Happy Spokey-ween!! ..thanks for ridin’ by today & have a fun Halloween! bb >*<

random bikepic25 random bikepic25a

BBMX2 Cyclo Cross race!

2014-15 CCX Series Schedule – “The Year of the Collective”. The super set of cyclo-cross races.

CCX_logoCCX Series’ had added a 2nd race at the ‘Bellingham  BMX’ race track on Saturday October 25th. 

BBMX sports the first permanent cyclo cross course in the PNW. Click  Register for more information or come on out and cheer on our cyclo-cross racers this year. Thanks for stoppin’ in today! bb >*<

‘Downtown Details’ ~2

‘Downtown Details~2’

Second in the series of a subject detail in downtown Bellingham with ‘the reveal’ on it’s separate page (link below).Thanks for checkin’ in today at bb >*< !me, bikes 10.5.14 016

me, bikes 10.5.14 021

the reveal’ link

Take a Kid Mt.Biking Oct 4th…

If you have not heard of the ‘Take a KId Mt. Biking Day’ at Lake Padden tomorrow yet.. here’s the information for you in Bellingham! Thanks for checkin’ it out. bb >*<

Take a kid Mt. Biking poster

Beer? Here! Where?!

Beer Week has begun!…this Friday night head on down to the Depot Market Square on Railroad Ave, where you will discover more than 20+ breweries and the opportunity to taste their beer! Bellingham Oktoberfest is a celebration of Brews and Brats…all proceeds will benefit the Volunteer Center of Whatcom County. Glad you could stop in today..thanks! bb >*<

oktoberfest 2014


Ride & Bite Sunday


The Chuckanut Century is THIS SUNDAY! For last-minute announcements, check their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/chuckanutcentury

The ‘Chuckanut Century’ ride is held the second Sunday after Labor Day every year and is the club’s signature ride. The 2014 Chuckanut Century is on September 14th and starts and ends at the Depot Market Square. Mount Baker BC_logo

After the ride, or even if you don’t ride..the ‘Bite of Bellingham’ is happening the same day, same area 12-4 pm….thanks for droppin’ in today and have a super fun Friday & weekend! .bb >*<

bite of bellingham poster

BBMX Reveal

Ever been on a BMX bike?..well I had never been on one until May 20th at the ‘Bellingham BMX’ track…my first time out, only went on the second half of the track..but I was hooked from that first time around. You can’t imagine the feeling or the freedom until you are on the track with your bike. BMX is fun for everyone with the desire to try it. Here’s some pics from our gals & girls clinic w/ coach Laurie Harding and assistant Erin Kinnie…tons of FUN! ..& always a super fun time with great folks out at the track.Thanks for stoppin’ in today! bb >*<

Photos by Photos Lyons‘    1. Us at Clinic –  8.18.14

bbmx clinic 8.18.14

2. ‘Just About the Finish Line’ with Jessica Rodriguez

3. My track friend – Nora

bbmx clinic 8.18.14 - Nora 2

4. “Air Time” – captioned by our coach Laurie Harding

5. Liz – it was her first time on the track..go Girl!

6. Coach Laurie Harding w/ Erin Kinnie – You totally Rock!!

bbmx clinic 8.18.14 - Laurie Harding & Erin Kinnie

..will post more on Bikes~ing page soon..and check out BBMX!!