winter m00n

‘winter m00n’…

This is how my phone’s camera saw the Solstice a star..and our last full moon of 2018. Thanks for strollin’ by!! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! bb >*<

0ctober m00n

0ctober m00n…

…not quite full yet, but sure looked like it as she rose last evening! Thanks for strollin’ by. :) bb >*< (a phone zoom pic)

fu|| mo0n fly-by

fu|| mo0n fly-by

so this little surprise happened at the July full moon, but I just discovered it today. No tri-pod for this shot, but pretty cool! Thanks for slidin’ by today! bb >*<

Thunder-flower Moon

‘thunder-flower m00n’…the July full moon in the clouds over Fairhaven last Saturday. Thanks for floatin’ by…again! bb >*<

bellinghamblog full moon

fu|| * mOOn

fu|| * mOOn‘ ..well, almost.. these were taken the evening after the moon peaked at full on the 6th, but it’s barely discernible. The large circle/halo around the moon can sometimes mean heavy duty weather on the I am told, & there’s a few faint stars in that one..thanks for stoppin’ in to check out our cOOl mOOn! bb >*<

full mOOn 11.7.14 028

full mOOn 11.7.14 045

June Moon & Clouds

Full Moon News for June 2013

On June 22nd – 23rd we will have a super ‘Super Moon’ full moon due to the orbital full moon - wikimedia commonsperigee of the moon to the earth…in other words, it will be closer to us than normal which makes for a spectacular sight. The moon will appear 30% brighter and 13% larger to us than other full moons. The super moons are also known as a ‘Perigee Moon’.

Even though we have super moons approximately every 14 months, this one is just a bit closer to us than in previous years and looking into the future, the super full moon will be closer to us on November 25, 2034 and even a bit closer on December 6, 2052.

now..sharing some cool clouds… & thanks for stopping by ‘Bellingham Blog’ a<|>w* :)

1 – Clouds over Fairhaven

June Clouds-Fairhaven

2 – Clouds and a Seagull

June Clouds with Seagull

3 – Clouds and the Bay

June Clouds-Bellingham Bay