Winter Tree on Broadway

‘winter tree on broadwayone of my favorite historical trees that live in the Broadway/Fountain Distirict the last week of 2016 with our snow. Almost looks like a hand-colored black & white photo. Thanks for drivin’ on by today! bb >*<winter-tree-on-broadway


‘spire at sunset’...“a tall, acutely pointed pyramidical roof, or roof-like construction, upon a tower, roof, etc.” ( Yep..sounds good! Shot through the window while sittin’ at a red light. Thanks for checkin’ in! bb >*<spire at sunset

the Tree

‘fountain district tree’…trees are so majestic,and this one represents that so well..residing in a yard in the fountain district. Thanks for slidin’ by today! bb >*<the tree-fountain district

Lavender Bells

‘lavender bells’…the flowers bloom in clusters on a tree and it is a pretty amazing sight, plus they are beautifully fragrant. Here’s two in this series today..more to come. Happy Spring!.. thanks for cruizin’ by today. bb >*<lavender bells

lavender bells2

spring is springing!

‘pink snowballs’the blooms were just so lovely last week.. I couldn’t see a thing when I was filming, as the sun was right in my eyes, so I just went for it and shot away. Here’s two pics in the series for you today. Thanks for stoppin in! bb >*<pink snowball8

pink snowball10