Multi-clouds & Acid Ball

acid ball w/ clouds

Two distinct layers of cloud color served as a great backdrop for ‘acid ball’ last Sunday on my way to SeaFeast. Here’s two views. Thanks for rollin’ by today! bb >*<

Happy Halloween!

~my collage pumpkin~


Have a fun and safe Halloween everyone! Thanks for ‘steppin’ in today. :) bb >*<

~Wild Pumpkin~

      ~wild pumpkin~ 
Thanks for ridin’ by today! bb >*<

the Snow Nymph

‘snow nymph’… My, we got quite a surprise with lots of snow this evening! I created the little’ snow nymph’ about 11 pm, as it was such perfect snow for these kinds of snowy creatures. Thanks for droppin’ in! :) bb >*<

‘the blue bench’

‘the blue blench’…taken in the fall on the bay during a drizzly day while on a walk with a friend.Thanks for stoppin’ in today! bb >*<blue bench

Pigeon Post

‘Pigeon Post’ A few cold days ago I spied two groups of pigeons all neatly lined up on the traffic light post at Chestnut Street. When I zoomed in on the top group there was this one pigeon all huddled up with his beak neatly tucked in his feathers to keep warm…he cracked me up and I imagined him as the group leader. Here’s a few pigeon facts: They mate for life; can fly at speeds of 77.6 mph but have been recorded at 92.5 mph; can fly 600-700 miles in a day; they are intelligent; are able to recognize all 26 letters of the alphabet; are the only non-mammal to recognize themselves in a mirror; can see in color as well as ultra-violet light; are messengers of peace. Wow to all of that and hail to the pigeons worldwide! Thanks for stoppin’ by today & have fun feeding the pigeons wherever you are! bb >*<Pigeon Post-aPigeon Post

Pigeon Post-b

random bikepics~25

random bikepics~25

‘trekin’.. yeah.. on a fall day down on Bay Street…the ‘hub’ area of downtown Bellingham. Have a great weekend, thanks for ridin’ in & happy biking !! bb >*<random bikepic~25

‘the opposite side view’

‘the spoke view’


a falls view…

A week ago at Whatcom Falls Park I shot this perspective plus a few more of the falls. It was just before sunset, cool &’s a beautiful fall this year!! Have a good week and thanks for stoppin’ in! bb >*< pdf Whatcom Creek Trail Mapwhatcom falls 11.10.14 058

whatcom falls 11.10.14 047whatcom falls 11.10.14 57

‘Downtown Details’ ~2

‘Downtown Details~2’

Second in the series of a subject detail in downtown Bellingham with ‘the reveal’ on it’s separate page (link below).Thanks for checkin’ in today at bb >*< !me, bikes 10.5.14 016

me, bikes 10.5.14 021

the reveal’ link

happy fall!!

Some fall pumpkins for ya’ in celebration of the equinox, the Harvest moon and the 1st week of fall…sittin’ outside our ‘Community Food Co-op’…have a happy one and thanks for rollin’ by here today! bb >*<

fall pumpkins~2

fall pumpkins