Laura’s Poppy

‘Laura’s Poppy’
My friend Laura grew this little gem in her backyard garden…stunning! Thanks for checkin’ in today. :) bb >*<

Thunder-flower Moon

‘thunder-flower m00n’…the July full moon in the clouds over Fairhaven last Saturday. Thanks for floatin’ by…again! bb >*<

bellinghamblog full moon

Fairhaven Tree

‘alpine blue spruce’…a beautiful & perfect late spring Saturday in Fairhaven on the grounds of Lairmont Manor. This tree was so awesome & huge, so I shot it looking up. It’s close to 120 years old. Thanks for drivin’ by today! bb >*<Alpine Blue Spruce~Fairhaven 6.13.15


Mya’s MOJO

‘Mya got her MOJO’….My kitty friend, Mya, who I am currently taking care of while her people are on vacation. She’s quite a girl! Thanks for stoppin’ in today! bb >*<

Mya got her MOJO

Sunset Entre’es

June 29.14…looking down Holly from Rocket Donutsthanks for stoppin’ in and have a wonderful summer (or winter)! bb >*< :)

 Fairhaven Sunset- by Ferry Terminal July 2. 14


2.sunset-fairhaven-july 2.14


June Moon & Clouds

Full Moon News for June 2013

On June 22nd – 23rd we will have a super ‘Super Moon’ full moon due to the orbital full moon - wikimedia commonsperigee of the moon to the earth…in other words, it will be closer to us than normal which makes for a spectacular sight. The moon will appear 30% brighter and 13% larger to us than other full moons. The super moons are also known as a ‘Perigee Moon’.

Even though we have super moons approximately every 14 months, this one is just a bit closer to us than in previous years and looking into the future, the super full moon will be closer to us on November 25, 2034 and even a bit closer on December 6, 2052.

now..sharing some cool clouds… & thanks for stopping by ‘Bellingham Blog’ a<|>w* :)

1 – Clouds over Fairhaven

June Clouds-Fairhaven

2 – Clouds and a Seagull

June Clouds with Seagull

3 – Clouds and the Bay

June Clouds-Bellingham Bay

Happy Spring 2013!!!

Yes… it was a blustery, windy, rainy, cold and… a ‘cool’ first day of spring…regardless.

Here’s some great clouds in Fairhaven and another sunset too :)   a<|>w*

Bellingham Fairhaven cloudsbellingham sunset 9.24