The Digesters

‘the digesters’...standing still on a cold December day. Thanks for stoppin’ in! bb >*<bellingham-bay-digesters

Winter Tree on Broadway

‘winter tree on broadwayone of my favorite historical trees that live in the Broadway/Fountain Distirict the last week of 2016 with our snow. Almost looks like a hand-colored black & white photo. Thanks for drivin’ on by today! bb >*<winter-tree-on-broadway

Mt. Baker Sunset


‘Mt. Baker in Pink’… was so pretty in pale pink at sunset tonight, and she’s had some new snow fall in the last few days & is looking delicious. I zoomed in as best as my camera could & just caught the last minutes of light before & after the pink was was freezing out when I took these pics. Check out 2 more shots on my site if you are in the reader. Thanks for stoppin’ in today. bb >*<Mt. Baker 12.29.14

Mt. Baker5-12.29.141Mt.Baker6-12.29.14