‘big long cloud’-2

As promised..here’s the right side half of the ‘big long cloud’, and the shot with the street lamp above my head.Thanks again for droppin’ by today! bb >*<

big long cloud-5

big long cloud-6

big long cloud-7

big long cloud-8

‘big long cloud’

Our cloud formation on Tuesday night was an awesome sight! It stretched left to right across the sky as far as you could see each way at sunset. The ‘big long cloud’ brought us rain the next day. This post features it from my left. Tomorrow I will post to my right and above my head. Thanks for checkin’ in! bb >*<

big long cloud

big long cloud-3

big long cloud-2

big long cloud-4

happy fall!!

Some fall pumpkins for ya’ in celebration of the equinox, the Harvest moon and the 1st week of fall…sittin’ outside our ‘Community Food Co-op’…have a happy one and thanks for rollin’ by here today! bb >*<

fall pumpkins~2

fall pumpkins