Happy Halloween!

~my collage pumpkin~


Have a fun and safe Halloween everyone! Thanks for ‘steppin’ in today. :) bb >*<

a July sunset~1

‘a July sunset’early in the month I caught this awesome sunset over the bay. It’s the first in the series, as I was fortunate enough to get a lot of nice shots while it lasted…and..this month has been so busy!! Thanks for stoppin’ in today! bb >*<

7.2.15 sunset-7


‘spire at sunset’...“a tall, acutely pointed pyramidical roof, or roof-like construction, upon a tower, roof, etc.” (dictionary.com). Yep..sounds good! Shot through the window while sittin’ at a red light. Thanks for checkin’ in! bb >*<spire at sunset

January Sunset

‘January Sunset’ – taken last week..this one was the first most colorful sunset of 2015. Thanks much for passin’ by today & have a great weekend! bb >*<January-sunset

January Sunset

Stunning Sunset

September 12th produced a most beautifully colored sunset. Hope you got to enjoy it in person..if not, here’s what I was lucky enough to capture..& there’s no editing! Thanks for cruisin’ by today and have a most wonderful week! bb >*<

sunset 9.12.14 067

 (click on pics for larger view)

sunset 9.12.14 051





sunset 9.12.14 135

sunset 9.12.14 082

sunset 9.12.14 136