random bikepic~22

random bikepic~22

‘Double Trouble’…parked outside Fiamma Burger on Railroad Ave in Bellingham this summer. Thanks for ridin’ by today and happy biking!! bb >*<

random bikepic22

BBMX Reveal

Ever been on a BMX bike?..well I had never been on one until May 20th at the ‘Bellingham BMX’ track…my first time out, only went on the second half of the track..but I was hooked from that first time around. You can’t imagine the feeling or the freedom until you are on the track with your bike. BMX is fun for everyone with the desire to try it. Here’s some pics from our gals & girls clinic w/ coach Laurie Harding and assistant Erin Kinnie…tons of FUN! ..& always a super fun time with great folks out at the track.Thanks for stoppin’ in today! bb >*<

Photos by Photos Lyons‘    1. Us at Clinic –  8.18.14

bbmx clinic 8.18.14

2. ‘Just About the Finish Line’ with Jessica Rodriguez

3. My track friend – Nora

bbmx clinic 8.18.14 - Nora 2

4. “Air Time” – captioned by our coach Laurie Harding

5. Liz – it was her first time on the track..go Girl!

6. Coach Laurie Harding w/ Erin Kinnie – You totally Rock!!

bbmx clinic 8.18.14 - Laurie Harding & Erin Kinnie

..will post more on Bikes~ing page soon..and check out BBMX!!

random bikepic~13

random bikepic~13

‘SpiderMan’..a cutie little BMX’r parked corner of Chestnut & Railroad on a stellar summer Solstice Day..thanx for ridin’ by & have a super summer everyone! bb>*< :)

random bikepic~13 6.21.14xtra ~ ‘Close-Up’

random bikepic~13a 6.21.14


Bike Pic~7

random bikepic~7

‘BMX’r in neon nite-glo’..parked outside our co-op..thanks for ridin’ by today!  bb >*< :)

bmx'r-neon glo