a May sunset

‘may sunset’… a beautiful evening in Bellingham! Thanks for rollin’ by :) bb >*<

Back-lit Buildings

‘solar cloud power’ I love things that are backlit! Thanks for droppin’ in today! bb >*<buildings-blacklit

going down tomorrow

tear down sunset
‘digester cannisters’ …well, here they are close up and they are goin’ down tomorrow they say..stay tuned for the new pic without the old..thanks for stoppin’ by today. bb >*<

in progress…

‘tear down @ sunset’..i will miss the buildings that are going down, even tho’ I know change is inevitable. Taken this last Sunday. Thanks for stoppin’ by today! bb >*<

tear down at sunset

tear down sunset

October Sunset

wow…can’t believe how beautiful the colors were for this one!.. and once again, no editing…but, another beautiful one got away from me the next day and I am still sad about that. Will post more of this sunset along the way, as I got a lot of great shots of it. Thanks for stoppin’ in! bb >*<

sunset 10.5.14 24

sunset 10.5.14 043

sunset 10.5.14 028