Coffee Art

‘coffee art’
Cool coffee art happening at the Black Drop! Tasted as great as it looks. :) Thanks for strollin’ in today! bb >*<

Happy Halloween!

~my collage pumpkin~


Have a fun and safe Halloween everyone! Thanks for ‘steppin’ in today. :) bb >*<

cosmic tree art

‘cosmic tree art’ …thanks to mother nature and the universe. This tree lives on Holly Street in the Bellingham Arts District. Thanks for ridin’ on in today! bb >*<Tree on Holly St.

Calligraphy Exhibit

Allied Arts is currently exhibiting two awesome Chinese calligraphy artists…Kathy Pak & Mr. Lui Zhensheng. Kathy Pak will be demonstrating at Allied Arts from 2-4 pm tomorrow.. Saturday Jan. 17th. If you can’t get to the demonstration, both of their gorgeous works will be on exhibit until the end of the month. Thanks for droppin’ in today! bb >*<

Kathy Pak-caligraphy artist2Kathy Pak-caligraphy artist

Mr. Liu Zhenshengclick on pics for larger view
Mr. Liu Zhensheng3

‘Ride of the Valkyries’ 1.11.15

CCX_logoCascade Cross Series ~ Up next for our local cyclocross riders ~ ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ ~ Sunday January 11th

‘The Chooser of the Slain’  “This is an exciting new rendition of our treasure hunt rides of years’ past. Some would call it an ‘interurban adventure ride’. Some might call it a ‘greenways cyclocross team race’. Some might call it an ‘alleycat’ with gravel paths, staircases, & single-track instead of alleys’. Either way, it’s a great way to see the open space in & around Bellingham and ride (hard or easy) with your friends!”

ODIN_by_GiyeRide starts at Kulshan Brewery ~ High Noon

…check out their race page at Cascade Cross for more info!

Pic of Odin by Giye Angel


‘Sentinel’ @ night

The 22′ high iconic sculpture, ‘Sentinel’, marks the entrance to Bellingham’s ‘Arts District’ in the plaza. I took these close-up pics about 3 am this weekend in 19 degree weather..cold and crispy out there for sure! Check out reflections of some neon signs across the street in the 2nd! Thanks for stoppin’ by. bb >*<
'Sentinel' artist: T. Ellen Sollod

‘Downtown Details’ ~2

‘Downtown Details~2’

Second in the series of a subject detail in downtown Bellingham with ‘the reveal’ on it’s separate page (link below).Thanks for checkin’ in today at bb >*< !me, bikes 10.5.14 016

me, bikes 10.5.14 021

the reveal’ link

back on the blog…

Time…it just goes by and you find yourself almost a year later… so, here’a summer 2013 sunset, our crazy and beautiful winter snow..and the very nice sunny day we had a couple days ago..that ought to catch things up..thanks for stoppin’ in.  bb* ><

1. Summer 2013 sunset

sunset~bellingham 2013-3

2. Summer Flowers 2013

sunsets ~ flowers 054

3. Sunset 2014 ~ 2 days before the snow storm

sunset bellingham 2014

4. Holly Street Tree ~ Snow Art

bellingham snow 2014

5. Snow Globe

bellingham snow 2014-3

6. Snowy Street Scene

bellingham snow 2014-2

7. Sunny! ~ March 11.2014

sunny bellingham 3.11.14