tulip trip two

white & green…

Tulips really are amazing!! Thanks for checkin’ in today! bb >*<


Thunder-flower Moon

‘thunder-flower m00n’…the July full moon in the clouds over Fairhaven last Saturday. Thanks for floatin’ by…again! bb >*<

bellinghamblog full moon

Larrabee Tree

‘larrabee tree‘…I just love looking up into the trees & this is a very happy tree! Thanks for stoppin’ by today. bb >*<Tree @ Larrabee State Park

Pic Potpourri

fountain~sunset~hummingbird                                 (click pics for larger view)Fountain-elizabeth park2

Elizabeth Park fountain

sunset 8.27.14

Bellingham Bay sunset

chihuly6.9.14 086

& hummingbird in a glass Chihuly cactus..at least 15+ ft tall  :) Thanks for checkin’ in today! bb >*<

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