Vanilla Clouds

‘vanilla clouds’ … I love it when beautiful clouds hang in the sky all day with the sun! My original shot was in color, then I vanilla-ized it. :) Thanks for floatin’ by today. bb >*<

a May sunset

‘may sunset’… a beautiful evening in Bellingham! Thanks for rollin’ by :) bb >*<

Brews ‘Festworks’

‘brews festworks’worked another successful ‘April Brews Day’ the end of April. Everyone was treated to surprise fireworks off the Herald Building. Here’s a few cell shots. Thanks for droppin’ in today! bb >*<


Downtown Details~3

‘lines & lines’…this is what’s next up for the series ‘Downtown Details’..taken on a semi-rainy day in Sepember. Thanks for stopping by today! bb >*<

Downtown Details 10.19.14

‘the reveal link’

Downtown Details- a10.19.14

‘Downtown Details’ ~2

‘Downtown Details~2’

Second in the series of a subject detail in downtown Bellingham with ‘the reveal’ on it’s separate page (link below).Thanks for checkin’ in today at bb >*< !me, bikes 10.5.14 016

me, bikes 10.5.14 021

the reveal’ link

‘Downtown Details’ ~1

Kicking off my new series today!…‘Downtown Details’..I have always loved the zoom lens and what it…a link to the new page, ‘the Reveal’, with a full shot or two. Happy that you strode in today…thanks! bb >*<    

co-op light-9

 the ‘Reveal’ link