utility box art iii

‘utility box art iii’   Bicycle Day, May 1, 1948… history on the box, located at Holly St & Railroad in our Bellingham Arts District. Stay safe!!! Thanks for swinging by! bb >*<



Tour de Bikes!

‘Tour de Bikes!’this last Saturday was the 11th year for the ‘Tour de Whatcom’ bike tour with the proceeds going to charity. The Tour de Whatcom is a beautiful bike tour hitting lots of scenic highlights in our area with at least 500 riders this year. It was my third year as a volunteer parking bikes when they come off the tour and head for some food and drink at Boundary Bay. It’s always a fun day! Thanks for ridin’ by today! bb >*<

Tour de Bikes

Tour de Whatcom-2-2016

random bikepic~30

random bikepic~30

‘ella-bike-galbraith ridge’…this pic was taken of my dear pet-friend ella by my dear friend Ryan of his companion dog & his mountain bike November 2014. It was my first time to get to go mountain biking…and I totally fell in love with it that day..too much fun!..even for the beginner me. Happy biking always!! bb >*<

Ella-up on the ridge 2014

Hoops & Hollers+bike sign pic

Hi!..well..bellinghamblog reached the 500 followers landmark this week!!

Holler:  noun .. a loud cry or shout
shout, cry, yell, cheer, roar, bellow, howl, outcry…synonyms: informal ‘whoop’, a euphoric holler….that all sounds right!!                        
Thank you all & I wish to all of you out there my very best always! bb >*<
...&..our newest sidewalk bike alert signs you can find around town.. :)
bikewalk sign3

Merry Christmastide!

“Merry Christmastide” to each and everyone of you here & around the world! I learned that ‘Christmastide’ is the festival season from Christmas Eve to after New Years Day…cool! The word came into the English language in the 1620’s. Have a marvelous time this season…sending out 3 separate post pics to represent from me to you & thank you for droppin’ in today. Peace to All. bb >*<Corcovado bike pic...cool

Corcovado …Twitter pic…darn cool!!!

‘Pug Bike’

‘Pug Bike’…3rd in my series of “bikes have no boundaries”. Mr. Otis on his bike! Otis is a rescued pug. He can be found via his twitter account @MrOtisPugHis rescuer is Joshua Paul on blog talk radio. Check them out and thanks for ridin’ by my blog today to meet Otis… and happy biking!  bb >*<Pug Bike-Mr. Otis on bike

“Bikes have no boundaries as to what they can accomplish!!” ~ copyrightangela

photo by Joshua Paul

‘Banana Bike’

‘Image 2’ for my series illustrating that “bikes have no boundaries”. Thanks for stoppin’ in today and have a great week! bb >*<

‘Banana Bike’


“Bikes have no boundaries as to what they can accomplish!!” ~ copyrightangela

pic source- free commons


BBMX Reveal

Ever been on a BMX bike?..well I had never been on one until May 20th at the ‘Bellingham BMX’ track…my first time out, only went on the second half of the track..but I was hooked from that first time around. You can’t imagine the feeling or the freedom until you are on the track with your bike. BMX is fun for everyone with the desire to try it. Here’s some pics from our gals & girls clinic w/ coach Laurie Harding and assistant Erin Kinnie…tons of FUN! ..& always a super fun time with great folks out at the track.Thanks for stoppin’ in today! bb >*<

Photos by Photos Lyons‘    1. Us at Clinic –  8.18.14

bbmx clinic 8.18.14

2. ‘Just About the Finish Line’ with Jessica Rodriguez

3. My track friend – Nora

bbmx clinic 8.18.14 - Nora 2

4. “Air Time” – captioned by our coach Laurie Harding

5. Liz – it was her first time on the track..go Girl!

6. Coach Laurie Harding w/ Erin Kinnie – You totally Rock!!

bbmx clinic 8.18.14 - Laurie Harding & Erin Kinnie

..will post more on Bikes~ing page soon..and check out BBMX!!

‘Fire Bike’

“Bikes have no boundaries as to what they can accomplish!!” ~ copyrightangela

‘Fire Bike’…have a great week and thanks for ridin’ in today! bb >*<

fire bike

pic source-free commons