Track air quality in London with Plume’s Pigeon Air Patrol!

I want a pigeon patrol test here…pigeons are cool! :)

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Thanks to 12 air quality monitoring stations in Central London, the Plume Air Report lets Londoners track average pollution levels in their city. But do you know what you breathe in your borough? From street to street? Wherever you go?

Today, in London, we are launching the first ever flock of pollution-monitoring pigeons to map pollution in the city. We’ve partnered with global marketing & technology agency DigitasLBi and Twitter UK to equip pigeons of little backpacks carrying our ultra-light pollution sensing technologies, to track air quality all around London.

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The Pigeon Air Patrol will monitor air quality in the capital and report back via Twitter. In London right now?

>> Try tweeting your area to @PigeonAir <<

… and receive instant air pollution level from one of our lovely pigeons (named Coco, Julius and Norbert)!

You can also visit the campaign microsite, where you’ll see a live map of the pigeons’ flights, learn about air pollution and its…

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