Green roofs: a solution to make our cities breathable again?

I love green roofs…awesome, let’s all do it!

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Air pollution is now a global problem that affects all cities large and small around the world. Countries that are rapidly industrializing, such as China, India, Brazil and Mexico, are among the most affected, as you can see on this world map of air pollution in 2013.

Emerging countries which are catching up with the West will keep on growing fast in the years and decades to come. Today, 3 new cars are sold every 2 seconds in China, adding up to 17.2 million new cars on the roads per year!


Urbanization is growing extremely fast in emerging countries — and yet it’s just the beginning: in China, cities became more populated than the countryside only in 2011 whereas it had been the case in Western countries since the late 19th century. Thus, in the coming decades, 350 million Chinese (more than the entire US population!) will come and settle…

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