Public Service Announcement: We Love Dogs!

passing along this announcement…..


Public Service Announcement:

Folks, we love dogs and you love dogs, this much is evident. Half of our rides and build days are outnumbered by dogs. At the expense of coming across as preachy, two things about riding, running and hiking with dogs.

1. If you take the time to bag up your dog crap, can you pack it out or put it in a trash can?? Seriously, if you’re not going to do that, can you, at the very least, grab a stick and brush it off the trail or road? Putting it next to a neighbor’s mailbox is unacceptable too. I know this isn’t solely a Galby issue (it happens on the Hertz trail, the greenways trails and elsewhere- lame), but who do folks think is supposed to pick up their bagged dog crap?

2. It’s dry as hell on the mountain with zero water right now…

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