Public Service Announcement regarding parking at Galbraith Mountain

Passing along Galbraith mtb parking issue…


Public Service Announcement (please share):

With the unseasonably warm and dry winter, the trails have been busier than ever this “winter”. As a result, the trailheads on Galbraith Lane and Birch Street have been packed with cars on the weekends (and busy on the weekdays).

Two things:
1. We got notice from our Galbraith Lane neighbors that people have been parking on the North side of Samish Way on weekends. Although technically not illegal, this is very dangerous for the residents who can’t see when they’re leaving the neighborhood and it also removes anywhere for riders (and their dogs) to get safely back to their car without having to ride on the road (50 mph). We’ve put up signs explaining why this is an issue, but if you could please let folks know if you see them parking there, it would be MUCH appreciated.

2. Riders who are using the…

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