Rooftop Film #3~a sunset

The ‘Pickford Rooftop Cinema Series’ on top of the Parkade has been a big hit its first year…and the last one is this Friday the 12th featuring the ‘Blues Brothers’..Yay!..hope to see you at the free all-ages Rooftop Cinema this Friday…beer garden too! Thanks for droppin’ in today & see you there.. bb >*<

~The 1st Rooftop Cinema Series sunset

rooftop cinema sunset 8.15.14

~Winner of the ‘Bells & Whistles’ bike competition at the first cinema with the donations to benefit ‘Sterling Bike Works’...a non-profit program providing bikes, tools, education and safe riding skills for kids in the Sterling Drive neighborhood. The 1979 film ‘Breaking Away’ was the first cinema feature and lots of fun to see on the big screen!

rooftop cinema bike-in winner 8.15.4


(click on pics for larger view)



~Setting up the Rooftop Cinema Screen

rooftop cinema screen 077