Pic Potpourri

fountain~sunset~hummingbird                                 (click pics for larger view)Fountain-elizabeth park2

Elizabeth Park fountain

sunset 8.27.14

Bellingham Bay sunset

chihuly6.9.14 086

& hummingbird in a glass Chihuly cactus..at least 15+ ft tall  :) Thanks for checkin’ in today! bb >*<

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2 thoughts on “Pic Potpourri

  1. That first and last shot are especially captivating. Did you adjust that first image in your photo editor to get that shape, or was all through the lens? Either way, it’s a great shot.


    • hi..the fountain shot was all through the zoom using my Nikon with no editing …and the hummingbird was all luck. That little guy was flying around checking out the whole thing and finally decided to land. I just had my little 5 mgp Sony that day. Thanks Steven!!

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